Maybe I can use Evernote again..?


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Dec 24, 2010
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What issues did you have with OneNote? Just curious as I've been meaning to give it a shot.

Too segregated, if that's the way to put it. (or, more likely, I can't figure out how to get things set up)

To attempt to explain..the Note tiles are more finite than I want to work with. I set it up with a "Personal ToDo" note, "Work ToDo" note, "Shopping" note, etc.
I'd then list things inside each note. However, when finished, I'd have to backspace that particular item to get it off my list, leaving a blank in the list.

I hope I'm explaining in a way you can understand...perhaps I should have a Note for each individual item..seems like that would quickly ballon into an unmanagable mass of tiles.

I'm not saying OneNote's no good, merely that I apparently don't know how to use it effectively. Evernote is just more familiar to me right now..I'm going to keep trying to figure out One Note, maybe someone reading this can give me some pointers or ideas how they're utilizing it.

*edit-however, now that I think about it, Evernote is the same thing in a format I'm more familiar with. I'm going searching for some "How I'm making OneNote work for me" helpful hints.

**edit-I guess all I really need to do is use one of the many "ToDo" apps available..they do what I'm trying to get OneNote and Evernote to do. I just want to use that "Office" tile so bad! :(
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Mar 1, 2011
I greatly prefer Evernote to any other note-taking app/service, especially OneNote. For me it's all about having the app/service available on everything and Evernote has that almost down at this point.

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