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Message blocking app didn't work, how do I remove it?


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May 8, 2014
I don't remember if it was called an app or if it's just a feature but there were Terms of Agreement that I had to approve before I could start blocking numbers. Something like allowing message information to go through some other server for processing or blocking. Unfortunately it didn't block an SMS from a 6 digit number that I had previously blocked. When I got the second message from that number, I tried blocking it again and the phone said the number is already blocked. So I want to remove this app or shut it off and no longer have my SMS filtered through that filter. I looked for "SMS Filter" in the app list (the list I get when I swipe my tiles to the left) but it's not listed. Is there anything I could do to turn this off?

Also, is there a filter that works on the text of an SMS? Or could I just disallow all SMS other than emergency alerts?
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