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Messaging app is frozen and thread has disappeared


WPCentral Question


Yesterday I was using Skype on a Lumia 625 in Portugal through the 4G network. After trying to make a call, the phone went black, and unresponsive. After a while it seemed to have restarted and I was able to do the call.
The problem is that after this event the stock messaging app (sms) went dead. It does not update to incoming messages. I still hear the sound of received sms and I was able to activate the carrier sms delivery notification, therefore I was able to text and read the texts through the history tab in a particular contact. I can read older messages, but I cant see the new ones in the app.

Also, before understanding the full gravity of the problem I deleted a thread, and with the messaging app still frozen (unresponsive, dead) I do not see any new information, while already read messages remain highlited ad-eternum.

Is there a fix? I didn't want to reset...
Great work in this forum and thank you in advance


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Aug 26, 2014
(I was the author)

I solved the issue. I found a thread on WPCentral regarding gmail acount not synchronizing due to wrong date and time in the phone. The Lumia 625 also had the issue of wrong time and date. When I used the correct time and date both the messaging app and the gmail account synchronized adequately.