Messenger - Notifications and messages not working properly to Skype and Facebook


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Aug 18, 2013
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Just recently I bought a Lumia 820 and I've noticed a problem when it comes to the native Messenger app when it is connected to Facebook and Skype - The carrier messages work quite properly.

First: Sometimes it doesn't get push notifications to new conversations on both of them.
Second: In a conversation it doesn't get all of the messages - some days ago in a conversation I've got 3 messages, but when I looked at Facebook webpage - which were already opened, it was 5. It might get us into real trouble LoL.
Third: If we are 'talking' using the Messenger app and then continue the conversation in the web, it doesn't get what we write and also lose some messages (as said in topic two).
Note: the same goes for the Windows 8 Messenger native app.

Another problem is...

The Skype and Facebook apps doesn't get push notifications as they should but at least their chats work as they should when you are with then opened - what doesn't happen to the Messenger app.
Needless to say, the user experience in the Facebook app inner chat isn't the best it could be, as we have to see an 'uploading' icon and a screen refresh always we send a message.

The native Peoples app is great, it replaces very nicely the Facebook notifications in a tile!

As a complement to those information: WhatsApp sometimes complain: "We've noticed a problem in the Push Notification server..." even when the internet connection is 100% OK.

Are these two problem a general problem or something that happens only to my account?
If they are a general problem, is there any information if it is going to be fixed or at least an explanation why they behave like that?
As a developer - not a WP one (yet) - I know some problems are by design, if so, is there any news or explanations to it?

ps: Not a problem to get a technical answer, it would actually be even better.
ps2: My phone model is Manufacturer Name: RM-825_Ita_brazil_222.

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