Microsoft Account logged in, no contacts or e-mail. What can I do?

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Microsoft Account logged in, no contacts or e-mail

I have installed W10M in my father's lumia 920. Though it seems to work just fine, battery issues forced us to make an HR. After the HR, battery life got a lot better, but for some reason the Microsoft Account doesn't seem to work properly. First of all, after singing in and requesting to restore the backup, it didn't restore. Then my dad noticed the People app no longer showed the faces of his contacts. Upon investigation, we discovered that the reason why it didn't show was because neither People nor Mail were seeing his microsoft account as logged in. However, somehow all other apps worked fine. He could install apps from the store and Groove seemed to allow him to login just fine.
Settings also showed that he was logged in, but for some reason the account refused to show up on People, Calendar and Mail. He tried to manually add the account in the Outlook Mail app, but even though it says it has been added with success and the account later show up in the Accounts section of the settings app, it still shows no sing of syncing e-mail, calendar or contacts.
For info, it is a Nokia Lumia 920 running W10M 10586.63. It should be noted that I have made one HR, and before it, after the upgrade from WP 8.1, the account worked fine, it was only the battery issue.

Wes Smith

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Jun 19, 2015
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That is a bug, I have had that happen with something similar and no amount of resets is gonna fix that. Essentially one of the modules got damaged/corrupted during install so the rom you have on the phone needs to go. I would recommend you flash back to 8.1 and re-upgrade, then, flash up to 10 again. That should get you straightened out

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