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I can get on my Hotmail account through the internet, and it will login, but on the phone it will not log into my account, so not only will it not update my email, but it also wont allow me to update, or get on the store, etc. I deleted the account thinking I would then add it back, but it wont let me do that, and I cant reinstall outlook, because it wont let me into the store.

What do I do?!?

Tejas Javery

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Mar 19, 2014
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i am not sure if I got your problem entirely, but have you tried creating the account via settings from the phone?
I would suggest first do a soft reset. (press power button and volume down button together for 13 seconds or so. the phone will restart.)
once done with that, go to settings, accounts, email and app accounts, and try to add your account there.
or open the store, click the hamburger menu, look down, you shall see your account, or view account option. press either of them, and try to log in.

also, had you changed your password for your account recently? that can be the cause of the issue too.

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