Microsoft and Nokia's key to success!


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Apr 18, 2011
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Microsoft needs something big. Nokia is only part of the solution. Microsoft's Windows Phone Mango is just an amazing product. Pretty much on par with iOS 5.0 besides Siri, and thats not a huge problem. But feature by feature, Mango has or has had before iOS 5.0 was around. And with Nokia bringing everything it's got -- and let me tell you, with what they did with the N9 they are ready to fight -- Mango will finally have a powerful and sexy body to live in. Not cheap but high quality stuff.

All of that is good and all. But there is something missing ... something to bring it all together. You see, the key to success is not just Nokia phone selling well. You want Samsung phones to do well. HTC phones to do well. What we need is a Droid. Or rather, a Droid type name. Nokia has the ability to pump out phones -- and pretty much, thats what they said they are going to do. But if Samsung and HTC could also use the same name -- something that Microsoft lends to all partners -- then effectively every dollar spent promoting the Nokia Ninja would also promote the Samsung Ninja Black. And the HTC Ninja Star. And the ... you get the picture. You need a name that can be marketed with all the devices. That way every dollar Microsoft spends on Nokia, also spends on the other manufactures who choose to make a Windows Phone.

Now I am not saying Ninja is the right brand name. Although it's not bad. But Motorola and Verizon came together and created an amazing brand recognition that help Android as a whole.

So lets come together and start thinking of a brand name that Microsoft can use on the Nokia and other Windows Phones. And lets hope Microsoft and Nokia is listening!


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Oct 18, 2011
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Maybe a character called Wippy and Wippy can promote the phones. Winmo could be another character. How far away do you want to get from the recognition? Ms. Wip would be great for all those with low self esteem.

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