Microsoft forms advanced AI team dedicated to developing OpenAI-like models but at a smaller and cheaper scale


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May 16, 2023
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You asked: Do you think Microsoft will eventually run its AI operations entirely under its ship without OpenAI's help?

The answer is obviously: yes.
Remember IBM. Remember SPYGLASS.
Remember the terms of Microsoft's deal with OpenAI.
And remember ORKA.

MS cannot be MS if beholden to another company forever. Every partnership and license is meant to be a stepping stone. MS has been working AI on his own since well before OpenAI and will continue to do so if and when they go their separate ways.

SLMs have always been the endgame (again: ORKA).
MS has always been built on a tripod of Tools, Platform, and apps. GPT, LLAMA, and other models are the tools, AZURE and PCs,are the plaforms, and the SLMs the apps. Optimized tools for specific functions. Like Word, Multiplan, Flight Sim. Or Excel or Powerpoint. It's what they always do.

All those co-pilots MS is rolling out are staking out the territory for the SLMs to come. They're inevitable. If nothing else, for the next age of PCs.
And they won't need OpenAI for them.

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