Microsoft is trying at least, but they're dong it completely wrong.


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Oct 23, 2012
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I bought a surface rt for my uni before I started in July because I can't be bothered to carry around my 17.3" HP laptop with me all the time (2.5kg)
people in my class are often really impressed and love to play around with it or borrow it, some are even disappointed if I don't bring it to class once.

anyway...I just found out that Microsoft Malaysia is setting up a booth and will employ 3 IT students from my uni who have an apprenticeship at MSFT to promote their Surface tablets on campus. Sounds awesome and like a good idea doesn't it?
here's the catch...they are doing it 1) On a sunday (we have people living on campus, but lets face it...campus is dead on sundays) and if that weren't enough 2) its during mid-semester break...and 5 weeks before the end of our semester...most people would have already bought their tablets (and I am surprised to see how many people actually use iPads and an occasional galaxy tab) or laptops.

They need to step up their game...I mean we even have an Apple reseller on campus...but no MS support or anything...(we get their products cheaper and 80% off on office 365 tho)

I think it is a good idea, but the planning is just completely off.
On a happier note, I saw a couple of Nokia lumias and 1 HTC 8x, but hear the typical wp sms or whatsapp quite a few people here do use wp.

what do you guys think? have you encountered anything similar?
(this whole thing was written on my touch cover with my awesome *-*)

Laura Knotek

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Mar 31, 2012
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I agree with you that Sunday is not a good day for the promotion. Universities are pretty dead on Sundays here in the US too. The promotion should be during the first week of the semester, when students are still purchasing what they need for their classes.

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