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MICROSOFT LUMIA 1530 price in london

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what is the MICROSOFT LUMIA 1530 price in london and dstails


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Nov 12, 2012
Lumia 1520 has been discontinued for some time.

It is still a great device. I use one daily.

Swappa UK has no price history on it and none on offer. :(

eBay UK seems to have a lot of AT&T 16GB models. That is the RM-940 variant. Not ideal for use in the UK if you want LTE. It would be fine if all you want is H+ data speed and can live without Qi Wireless charging.

Ideally for the UK and travel to the continent you want the RM-937 "International" variant which has the LTE Bands you need, built in Qi and the full 32GB internal storage.

FWIW I found this: Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows 6.0" Screen 32G 20MP Factory Unlocked GSM Smart Phone | eBay

?203.99. That is slightly higher than what I see in the US for a used 32GB unlocked. Translates to $303 US vs the $268 US (?180) that the device trends at currently in an excellent used condition.

However, this states it is BNIB (Brand New in Box). That is a plus. Ships from Hong Kong and here I am hopeful for your cause. HK variant is RM-937 as they support both the Euro and China GSM/H+/LTE standards there. The RM-937 with a Euro radio was released in Hong Kong and the other Regional variant (RM-939) has no LTE. Description states this is an LTE model. Therefore it is most likely an RM-937.

Query the seller and ask if it is an RM-937 and Bob's your uncle.

Another place to look might be expansys... Remember RM-937 is your friend. Good Luck.

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Dec 25, 2015

I'm eager to buy this phone as I am not too impressed with the 950XL. My only worry with buying it from Hong Kong is the warranty. They offer a three month warranty for the phone but I have heard that these can also have built in obsolescence.. so perhaps the phone could start showing problems after 5 months of purchase. Would we not still have the 24 month warranty with Windows despite the discontinued decision? Surely, if it is an official product it should have some warranty on it?