Microsoft needs to improve store demo for Surface Pro machines


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Jun 24, 2013
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So I'm walking through the Costco here. And there's a guy trying out the Surface Pro 4. He sees the pen but there's nothing to write on. I tried to load OneNote for him to write. But it can't connect to a server and thus we can't get to the notes page. Costco stores rarely (almost never) have WiFi). There's no Word to write in either.

So I loaded Fresh Paint but the guy says he doesn't want to paint. He wants to see if the pen works and is useful. So I load up Drawboard PDF but there's no example PDF to annotate.

The SP4 on display is a real machine with the software that comes with the machine. There's no Internet at Costco to try out a web browser. There's no Word or Excel or any software to try out. You can try out Notepad as well as Drawboard PDF and that's pretty much it. No demo software at all. This needs to be fixed for store displays. I know the Microsoft Store has demo software as well as Best Buy. This is where vendors like Samsung and Apple do better. You walk up to a machine and can see their features.

And he's trying to figure out where the pen goes so I tell him it sticks via a magnet on the side. But we can't get it to stick because there's a big bracket around the pen to prevent theft and it's preventing the pen from sticking to the machine. The metal cord is also too short so you can't even reach the far ends of the screen.

Looking at the laptops at Costco, they don't really do anything. No Internet. No running demo. They just sit at the desktop screen. At least install some games so people can play with the machine. When you see the tablet machines, they're loaded with stuff so people can play around with them.

I know with Windows 8 machines, I remember a running demo. But it focused more on how to use the new interface rather than the benefits of the features.

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