Microsoft should sell its flagships at loss and believe in it's ecosystem already.


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Dec 19, 2012
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Microsoft is in a unique place in the smartphone industry, It's a well known fact that every Android OEM out there is suffering financially, even the mighty Samsung didn't escape the heat, yet each day a new smartphone launches with premium specs at unbelievable prices, Lenovo's Zuk Z1 is a shining example, it's a premium midrange with a fingerprint sensor and top tier innards even by 2015 standards for less than 290$.

Yet sadly for Lenovo most of the money the Zuk Z1 will make is destined to benefit Google in various ways, even if the phone didn't have a single connection to the Play Store or didn't have access to Google's media content, most Android apps still uses Google Ads to make a profit.
manufacturers like LG, with its well-received G3 and G4 family, tend to make around 1 cent per phone in net profit.

The above entails that each Android OEM spends R&D, builds smartphones, markets them, bets on their success, suffer their losses, deals with aftermarket support and tries to keep up with Android hectic updates wasting endless resources on programmers and testers while Google reaps all the profits.
and if you didn't know this already that's why Android OEMs use bloat!

Microsoft answer to this situation was shortsighted, attract those wounded OEMS to the superior WP an effort that only got us wounded new entries that I don't remember any of them! I even forgot about the HTC M8 for Windows which in a way is the current Windows Phone flagship!


The problem with Microsoft's method that it doesn't offer a better solution, most buyers still want access to apps that aren't yet part of the Windows Phone ecosystem or they're just under developed in comparison to Android's version, not to mention that Microsoft services aren't that well received in the parts of the world where cheap smartphones are sold. (I would love to uninstall the built in Skype which takes precious ram from my Galaxy S6 since no one I know uses it here) so Microsoft's solution was to get Android APKs to work on Windows 10 mobile (stupid name btw) Now let me be clear: I'm all for that approach it saves developers the hassle of programming simple counter parts for their small apps, increasing the number of apps in the Windows Store exponentially while allowing developers to test the water and seeing if the user base justifies a native app development.


(I'm guessing Snapchat is the app that pushed them over the edge with that decision)

I already mentioned that Microsoft is in a unique place in the smartphone industry and I guess it's time to explain myself, Microsoft owns it's OS unlike all Android OEMs! and now it has access to millions of Android apps that can easily be tied to Microsoft's own Ad network, it also offers media content, and owns it's App store, why would you hand the design process to OEMs that will mess it up or muddy it up, when there're ODMs ready to fulfill your exact vision (See Nokia N1;Foxconn) why would you entice OEM's with money or discounts when a phone you designed will actively generate revenue and strengthen your relationship with your ODM!


What should MS do now?

It should finish developing Windows 10 mobile and focus on making the Android app experience the best it can be (do not repeat the Blackberry half assed experience).

Make Microsoft's ad revenue as enticing as it can be at least for a limited time within Windows 10 mobile launch.

Continue the strategy of availability everywhere while promoting Microsoft's services and contents.

Accessories are hard to come by in most places where Windows Phone is still popular, the new flagships should have their accessories in the box, SPECIALLY THE SURFACE PEN AND Micro USB to USB-C convertors(preferably a key chain friendly convertor)

Microsoft learned that marketing an ARM product as an 86X Windows machine will NOT work. Most reviewers will focus on explaining the difference instead of focusing on the actual phones and most retailers will be asked questions that may go over their heads.

Continuum should be marketed as a way to turn the phone into an Office machines and not a Windows Machine.

Microsoft should stop focusing on the US market, users around the world shouldn't be sad they don't live in the US to use built in apps, or interact with Cortana even if it was offered in English!

Microsoft asked too much for the Surface RT and ended up losing 900 millions with devices collecting dust, when you do the math that same amount they lost would've reduced the cost of the surface to 300$ for 4800000 Surfaces! and the conversation would've shifted to the affordability of an Office device that would've generated revenue via yearly Office subscriptions and accessories! instead of letting people feel scammed and eventually forgotten altogether.

Microsoft should sell the new flagships at a price that is not higher than 600$ for the 950XL and 500$ for the 950, and here's how that pricing makes sense, ever wondered why Google released the Nexus phones so cheaply? Simple if you want people to buy into the profitable high end business you let them taste the product, hook them in, and then jack up the prices! sounds familiar? it should because that's what happened!
That pricing will lead old Lumia users to upgrade easily since all of us were waiting eagerly to do so, it'll also create a buzz around the product, a buzz that will ripple across the inventory Microsoft already has of Windows 10 mobile ready phones, and you'll see people who can't afford that price point venturing into (Lumia 430 435, 532, 535, 540, 640, 640 XL, 735, 830, 930) all are Windows 10 mobile ready devices with APK support that have decent battery life and incredible ram management.

It's fair to say that no one likes Microsoft's ads specially the TV ones they never managed to hype anything and I think if Microsoft focused solely on social media it would do a better job than the OnePlus and will save the tons of money required for traditional marketing which will make meeting the price points I mentioned A LOT easier.

Do you agree with what I said? help me get this message to Windows Central front page and also to Microsoft key employees over twitter like @joebelfiore.
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Dec 2, 2012
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I think with Windows 10 pc and windows phone 10 reflecting the same OS is what will sell the phone.
whether you use the pc or phone you see the exact same things


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Jun 15, 2015
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I really wanted to try a Windows Phone. But with all the functionalities now availalble on different platforms, even Cortana. Their is nothing important to look for. My friend got a Lumia 935.

1. OneDrive works awesomely on my Android. Even better than Windows Phones.

2. Why in the hell we need a back option from HomeScreen...?????? Just Why. It is great to have back option from other apps, but not from HomeScreen. If I am on Homescreen and mistakenly clicked back button, I go to previous app..... WHY!!!

3. While everyone hates a lag droid, but did ever saw that loading screen on Windows. I just hate it, even iPhones don't have it. When you say a powerful phone with no lags, so there should be no loading screens for even only two apps open.

Even my 2 years old Android Phone works flawlessly.

4. All apps are far better on other platforms.



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Nov 14, 2008
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Curious why people are seemingly so obsessed with android apps while at the same time expressing such disdain for google. And as a5cent aptly explained elsewhere, ported android apps wont be universal and will more likely never have a native counterpart. Plus ios has the most polished apps so they would be preferable as ports. But I guess the apple hatred wont allow people to see that.....


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Jul 4, 2014
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I think MS in not serious competitor in mobilemarket race. At least for next few years. These new flagships are not gonna sell even moderately. L920 share of all Lumia models is bit under 4%. Even all who owns L920 or bigger modelnumer will change to new flagship, them wont beat L520 share. And L520 was maybe the best selling Lumia so far. And it didn?t shake marketshares.

Those who was willing to buy flagship with new processor, hava already some other manufacturers model, and other platform. Microsoft already lost this round, again. Maybe next flagship will come in time. But it is very unlikely if looking at history. Other manufacturers have SD820 powered devices under construction, but MS is still wrestling with SD810 chip powered device. No, this flagship won?t do any better. Just a fact.

Now, people tend to buy phones for next 2-3 years. Even if now comes the big gamechanger, it still will take at least 3 years, at least, but more like 6 years before MSs marketshare will start to rice. People wont go change their new S6 or G4 to Lumias. It won?t happen overnight or even over year. Now, MS is still in same position what it was when 8.0 was released. Over these years nothing have changed. Nothing. Everybody is still talking abaut next big thing thats gonna be huge gamechanger. But they are exatcly in same position than few years ago. They wasted all these years to do nothing but a flagships that are late now.

What do you mean by selling flagships at loss? I tell you what. They already do. They are not gonna make any profit with these flagsips. See, devices need to reach certain salesvolume to be profitable. Remember Nokia? They sold millions devices, but still made nothing but loss. Cos volume wasnt big enough to cover all costs caused manufacturing a phone.

And now Microsoft is focusing to enterprice world more than consumer world. They dont even focus to make devices for consumers. Thats their marketing strategy for now. So, why would I take device that is desinged to serve enterprise? Im not gonna be productive, when I am not payed for it. When I come home, Im not gonna put my phone to hub and continue to write word documet that I started at work. Hell no. I wanna relax and maybe play some game. And vice versa, I not gonna continue playing that game at work. Why should I pay throught the nose for device that I can be productive? I want device that is entertaining. I?d say, that is double**** strategy to try to sell a phone for customers.

Im not a prophet, but I predic that these new flagships will be worse selling phones in Lumias history. Ever.

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