Microsoft talks State of Decay 3, envisions 'much bigger' persistent online game

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Dec 17, 2013
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Undead Labs recently joined Microsoft, and already Studios lead Matt Booty is spilling the beans on its next big project.
State of Decay 2 is a magical, addictive, flawed zombie simulation game, where you are in control of a group of desperate survivors attempting to stay alive in a pervasive undead apocalypse. Manage your supplies, bash zombie skulls in, upgrade your base, and ultimately, survive.
State of Decay 2 wasn't the big, bold sequel many fans were expecting coming in from the first game. Although the simulation was much deeper and many of its core systems were expanded upon in huge ways, the overall game was still quite rough, and only featured drop-in client-hosted multiplayer, which is notoriously laggy across long distances.
Fast forward to E3 2018, where Microsoft announced it was acquiring the studio in full. Working as an independent entity prevented Undead Labs and Microsoft from collaborating more closely when it came to resources, budgeting, hiring, and so on, but under the same roof, Undead Labs should have the resources it needs to build the State of Decay fans have been dreaming of. And today, Microsoft confirmed interest in building State of Decay 3.

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