Microsoft Your Phone "replaces" Windows phone and may "replace" your phone

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Dec 17, 2013
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Microsoft's Your Phone app is the company's way to keep your PC in your face and your iPhone and Android phone in your pocket.
Microsoft's leadership is rife with ambitious plans to rule computing wherever and however it is happening. From the goal to make its Azure Cloud platform the world's computer, to a cross-platform app strategy, to device and system management via Intune for Enterprise and Education, Microsoft is part of all the computing we do.

Whether an app on our devices, the security we trust or the cloud that powers our apps, saves our data or manages our digital experiences Microsoft is striving to create a comprehensive and all-encompassing computing infrastructure. The lack of a smartphone in its portfolio of devices, however, presents a challenge to this goal.

Without a smartphone, the most frequently used personal computing platform, Microsoft is forced to push the PC, its personal computing forte, to the forefront while diminishing wherever possible a user's interactions with smartphones. This is where Microsoft's Your Phone app on various Windows 10 PC form factors comes in.

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