Microsoft's Hololens and Suface creators are the company's secret weapon

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Dec 17, 2013
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Microsoft's Surface and HoloLens creators may be among the company's secret weapons in the war for dominance in personal computing.
Microsoft has been pivoting from a Windows PC-centric strategy for years. Consequently, it gained industry respect for its category-defining Surface hardware and innovative mixed reality wearable computer HoloLens.

Computing has evolved from a desktop-centric experience to a "transient" computing phenomenon where users' digital activity moves seamlessly with their context. That shifting context can be via the morphing forms of a 2-in-1 or the cloud-based facilitation of digital identities across devices. It can also be via the forward-looking mixed - augmented (AR) and virtual (VR) - reality platform that can mimic desktop and mobile computing as well as introduces imaginative holographic computing scenarios.
The introduction of smartphones, mobile broadband, app ecosystems, Chrome OS and Google's web-based productivity tools have put the once-dominant personal computing giant, Microsoft, on the defensive. Furthermore, Apple's aptitude for superior hardware and software synergy highlighted shortcomings in how Microsoft's OS and hardware worked together. Furthermore, since Microsoft missed smartphones, the "nexus" device that changed personal computing, it also missed (to some degree) technologies, like digital assistants, app ecosystems and more birthed by smartphones and which fuel modern "transient" computing.

To change its present fortunes Microsoft used Surface to solidify its PC foundations by modernizing the PC across various form factors. To secure its future, it embraced mixed reality and HoloLens, by reimagining computing in a form broad enough to encompass desktop and mobile scenarios while also being capable of new and imaginative uses. Cloud is the thread tying it all together. Thus, Surface creator Panos Panay, Hololens creator Alex Kipman and CEO and cloud champion Satya Nadella may be Microsoft's "secret weapons."

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