Mini Review, Android to Hp ELite X3


Jul 20, 2013
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Good, first of all say that this is only my opinion, nlo that I have been able to assess this great phone after having had the Samsung S7 edge, note 7 fan edition and LG V20 ... I am a geek of technology.
I will compare them with these 3 mobiles because they are of their time, and amount processors and ram similar
The hp elite x3 I bought for 325 euros completely new without use, with the dock in a huge box, was on the counter and after having spent a lot of time on android, I could have gone for a xiaomi mi6 but for this price I went to the hp.
Just take it in your hand, you notice something coarse, and despite being made of plaster, gives good feeling in the hand.
The screen is impressive, a panel of about 6 inches with 2k resolution and amoled technology, better for me than the lg v30 screen and almost on par with the super amoled of samsungs.
It has very good viewing angles, sufficient brightness outdoors etc ...
The speakers sound good but they are not comparable to those of the zte axon 7 for example or those of the s9 ...
Fluidity is very good, less when I use mobile while charging, that when it gets hotter it gives some minilag ... it only happens when I load and use it ...
As for the hardware, it can compete even today with the premium mid-range and part of the high-end, its 4 gigas of ram, the processor snapdragon 820, 64 gigas internal, load qi and pma, really good screen..etc
The audio by headphones is very clean and good, without being a lg v20 and its quad dac, it defends well.
In the camera section taking into account its price, I expected a similar quality to that of the 950 xl etc ... the sensor is omnivision and makes photos, but it stays for me in the premium midrange.
It has military certification and ip67, charge pma and qi, today high-end processor, screen of the best and amoled with 2k resolution and corning gorilla glass 4, slimport hdmi output, continuum, 4150 milliamperes of battery, video recording in 4k with eis available, dualsim, internal 64 gigabytes, audio certified by bang olufsen, 3 microphones for noise cancellation, eacaner iris ...
For me, if you like windows and you are not the one that uses many applications or if on the contrary you want to change to an operating system that despite being coming to an end, it is a bit of fresh air, el hp elite x3 seems to me of the complete mobiles of today, with very good specifications etc ...


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Feb 6, 2015
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Nice! I'm glad to hear that the Elite x3 is working out well for you. I must know, do you use a case with yours? it's built well as you said but I'm just generally curious.

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