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Apr 30, 2011
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Hey guys, I've encountered a problem and I haven't figured out how to get this to work. Allow me to explain the situation.

I'm in Canada, and as such I can't use the marketplace to search and subscribe to podcasts. I have, however, been able to manually enter feeds and get them to autodownload and sync. I simply clicked Collection -> Podcasts and clicked Add a Podcast at the bottom, where I entered the feed url.

Now, I have miscellaneous podcasts that I have downloaded from sites. The kind that you stumble across and are interested in listening to one time, but don't want to subscribe to the site feed for, or just can't find the feed but manually download it anyways. So I added a Miscellaneous folder to my My Podcasts folder which is part of my Podcast library in windows. I then placed the random solo podcast I wanted to sync to my Focus in there. It does not show up under the collection in Zune.

Is there any way to get these 'unsubscribed' podcasts located in my Podcast library to show up in Zune? I really don't want to sync it to the phone as music.

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