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Guys, you know i'm very disappointed for 8.1 update delays in india & another thing is missing feature i.e USB-OTG (On the go) support to all windows phone. Atleast they have to provide the feature in windows phone 8.1 OTA update....it must be because, most of the other non branded or other company tabs,phones,ipads etc support the feature i've mentioned above but why not in WP8.1. Guys it is very useful feature, but microsoft & nokia doesnot care abt us . . . .it is just like a removable content or say extension for memory, is there any problem to provide that feature regarding to microsoft or nokia........plz friends support for this feature to provide in next updates . . . . BCoz i'm also a die hard fan of windows phone but what can i do. . . . . My curiosity is loosing day by day to know when will i get the update windows phone 8.1.
Guys u know i've heard from my brother, lumia 625 is workin with USB-OTG support after upgrading to 8.1 developer preview,he had seen & been used


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Nov 14, 2008
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I'm still not convinced it's a useful feature. I just can't imagine a scenario where I'd want to temporarily connect some additional storage to a phone. Certainly I've seen colleagues invest in OTG cables for their various devices, check the cable works and then put the cable in their laptop bag and never use it again.
Perhaps I'm missing a major use-case.

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