MOD to Roxio Creator 2010 converter, convert JVC MOD file to Roxio Creator 2010


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Jan 18, 2010
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How to convert mod file to Roxio Creator 2010 on Windows 7?

Mod to Roxio Creator 2010, convert mod file to Roxio Creator 2010 on Windows 7.
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Roxio Creator 2010 is as comprehensive a burning suite as you can find. It covers all aspects of video/audio capture and editing, disc authoring, and everything else CD\DVD\BD0-related. This year's Roxio Creator suite includes CinemaNow, the online movie service Roxio acquired in 2008. Also new are a burning desktop widget, Web video capture, AVCHD archiving, and the ability to pause and schedule long conversion tasks. Plus, it's fully compatible with Windows 7.

But the Roxio Creator 2010 still cannot recognize .mod files shot by JVC Everio, Panasonic,Canon and Sony camcorders.

If you want to edit these mod files with Roxio Creator 2010, you have to convert them to Roxio Creator 2010 accepted formats such as AVI, DV, HDV, PEG-1/2/4, MOV, WMV, QuickTime, 3GP,etc first.

A simple way to ensure the mod file accepted by Roxio Creator 2010 is to use MOD Converter with which you can convert MOD files to a plain format such as AVI,MPEG-1,2,4,WMV,MOV,etc.
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