Moved To Android 9 months ago - No Regrets!


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Nov 1, 2014
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I moved to Android last year basically because I had to. WP no longer had the apps I needed to make traveling easier.

No regrets having a world of apps, it is incredible. The Pixel 3 is amazing!

I do miss the integration of one environment.

I had to transition ecosystems. Using Google Services a lot more often. Kept OneDrive because of the amount of storage I have there, and is still better prices than Googles offering.

But using Google home products, but have Amazon Music. Of course those two do not play well together.

Cortana I found worked better for voice. Cortana is still awesome. (Yes, I have MS Launcher)

There is a bit of me that hopes MS gets back in the game for mobile, with better integration. Azure is insane with what they are doing and I think that a lot can be harnessed from it and mobile...natively...The Windows Azure Phone?

At work we have done a 180...instead of Java and expensive large apps (Gartner Quadrant on prem products) everything is going to cloud - and Azure is the choice. We have totally gone Azure and .NET core. The integrations between Outlook, SharePoint o365 is seamless (And creepy). A mobile device would really be a nice add....Skype is actually pretty good for business! Teams, here we come!

I do miss the more niche conversations of this group. The really rich gathering of people with supportive and creative advice.

It has been a while since I have been here....

Thanks everyone!


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Nov 15, 2017
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I picked up a Nokia 6.2 33% sale and after having gone through the annoying process of saying no to google tons of times and disable most of its bloatware, I am happy with it. It is very smooth as butter now (maybe because since it is android one). Like you I use the MS launcher and Swiftkey keyboard as default (I think this prevents input like passwords being send to google with gboard turned off, note download Swiftkey before turning off gboard!) and Firefox + ublock origin for the browser. The MS launcher allows me to set firefox and duckduckgo as the default search engine and the dock is much better than the google one. <3
I still use the 950XL for its camera though :)

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