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Movies and TV and "Movies Anywhere"


New member
Jan 1, 2013
When Microsoft announced they were ending the Groove Music Pass this year, one of the concerns was would the same sort of thing happen to the Moves and TV service. Dan, you stated that you received info from Microsoft sources that Movies and TV was in a different situation, suggesting it was unlikely to face the same fate.

Somewhat coincidentally, a little bit ago, Movies and TV and "Disney Movies Anywhere" parted ways; at the time it was viewed as maybe Disney planning to launch their own streaming service, and so the same thing was likely to happen to other services like iTunes "soon". However, today, the "Movies Anywhere" service launched which is based on the same tech, but with additional non-Disney studio support. The big streaming players like Vudu, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play Movies are on board with the Movies Anywhere service, but Microsoft Movies and TV is conspicuously absent. Given this latest situation, is this a sign that Movies and TV is headed for the same fate as Groove Music pass?

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