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Moving/Reinstaling Apps at WP8


New member
Apr 2, 2012
Hello Community!

I am just trying to find the link(s), if there is any, to backup the apps (from L900) and have then installed back on L920.

I am not being successful on finding anything. I also think that some of us may be thinking the same, so I will be glad to hear from you what are you planning to do.



New member
Apr 27, 2003
You'll end up losing all of your app data, unfortunately. Backup is part of WP8, but that doesn't help anyone who is moving from WP7.

As for installing your applications, I actually asked the same question a few hours ago. In WP7, you have to either manually search for all your apps and then install them one at a time, use the website to install them one at a time, or use an app such as Reinstaller which will help automate the process by bringing you to each app's page, but you still have to hit install manually on each one.

I'm hoping it's more like Windows 8, where there's a page to show you any apps you have ever installed, and you can batch select some to install.