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Moving Windows from laptop to PC, can I move Windows 10 over for free?

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Moving Windows from laptop to PC

I installed Windows 7 onto my laptop , I then did a free upgrade to Windows 10. I would now like to move this installation to a new PC that I am buying. Can I do this for free? I no longer want Windows installed on my laptop, so can I transfer the licence to the new PC?


Dec 23, 2013
Re: Moving Windows from laptop to PC

You have already asked this question.
If your new pc comes with Window 7/8/8.1, that can be upgraded to Win 10 for free.
However you cannot transfer the licence from the laptop to the pc.


New member
Dec 23, 2015
If you have available NAS. You can try to move Windows 10 to new computer with dissimilar hardware through AOMEI Backupper. The feature called Universal Restore is especially designed for restoring Windows 10 to other computers. Different from common restoration, Universal Restore can guarantee other computers to boot properly. If there's no NAS, maybe have a try to clone or to create a bootable CD/USB.