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MS1030 is the LM1020 replacement?

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I found some sneak image of claimed MS1030, the LM1020 successor. Is it the truth or just kidding rendering image? Does anyone know about this?


New member
Jul 19, 2013
supposedly the prototype of a now cancelled project, mclaren, but in all honesty who knows, i don't? and not many if any do outside of internal R&D

so its a guessing game, and a waiting game to see if a true replacement does come out for the hallowed 1020, i hope it does, i am ready


New member
Nov 12, 2012
Do NOT pin your hopes on this.

There is ONE and ONLY ONE device for sale on Taobao (like eBay for China). That device is marked clearly "Nokia" on the back. There is not any phone being made or prototyped to be made anywhere in the world under the Nokia branding. Microsoft won't use it and Nokia can not until well into 2016.

The device "leaked" is an old prototype from a canceled project. Someone "liberated" it from a Nokia R&D facility in China while the guards were taking a nap. It is being sold on TaoBao as a unique item with no other like it available or expected to be available.

Now pictures of that canceled prototype are circulating the web. Someone based a fan rendering of what they want a Lumia 1030 to look like based on that canceled prototype. Those pics are now circulating the internet.

These things are just click-bait to lure people in who are desperate to get a glimpse of the next Super-Camera-Phone-to-Come.

​It is pixie dust and moonbeams.