Multiple file selection disappointment


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Oct 9, 2011
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Bought the Arrive specifically because it is a Windows Phone and it touted the ability to work with MS Office files and one Note. Now with the device in hand I discover that it will NOT allow editing of Office files from 97-2003 - which most of mine are - even though I now have office 2007; when I open an older file I can edit it and save it on the PC. Now it appears as if I have to open everyone of several hundred files only to resave as a 2007, then upload to Skydrive, then download to the phone to see if I can edit 2007 files when mobile!

O.K. - so now I have to delete close to two hundred files I already uploaded to Skydrive so that I can then upload the converted files. But apparently Skydrive does NOT allow multiple selections of files! Couple that with you have to only highlight the area of the file (or else the file gets opened on skydrive not just highlighted for action), then move to the side panel to choose "delete"! You cannot simply use CTRL and click to select and then use your delete key!

What's up with that? 25 GB of storage and I can only access it one file at a time? ANd can't upload folders? YUCK!

But since I'm committed to the Arrive (and I really like the device as well as most other aspects of WP7) I'll waste my time getting the files formatted and uploaded one at a time.

Come on Microsoft - get it together - offer us a Skydrive that ACTS like a REAL drive!

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