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Aug 20, 2011
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I got this working pretty perfectly with a work around!

Basically I use Outlook 2010 with Gsyncit to sync to my Google calendar. There is one calendar in outlook and multiple calendars in google. Gsyncit syncs the different google calendars to the single outlook calendar with different categories assigned so that outlook shows them all in the appointments tab in the mail section.

This works perfectly for outlook and google.
I don't use the default calendar on google so i set up a new sync in gsyncit that syncs all the appointments no matter what category they are assigned to sync to the default google calendar. Then all the appointments showed up in my phone :D

So when i add an appointment to my phone it will sync to google and then to outlook, then in outlook i will assign it a category so that it will sync to the right google calendar :)

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Jun 11, 2011
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This was the dealbreaker for me as well. It appears that Google isn't cooperating with MS to allow multiple Google calendar syncing but they have figured out a workaround in Mango - Mango Tip: Sync Multiple Google Calendars with Windows Phone.

I am waiting on the second generation of WP7 phones that will be coming in the Fall so I haven't tried it out yet myself but my fingers are crossed. Oh yeah, and this method is free! :)
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