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Multiple MSN Sport Profiles


New member
Nov 5, 2015
seeing as im a pretty big sports nut, i was wondering if anyone has found a way( or if it is at all possible ) to have shortcuts to each region on their desktop

Lets say i like EPL, MLB, Australian Rules Football, and Gaelic Football

Currently to have the news viewable, i need to change from region to region based on the sport i would like to view, restart the app and off we go again

if i could say have 4 pinned items, one for USA, UK, Australia and Ireland, would make it a hell of a lot easier

i appreciate that you can have the favorites added to your list but the list is somewhat cumbersome and appears to be first in best dressed on the list, even though it appears that you can move them round on the screen, the sport just snaps back into the original position.

Thanks in advance

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