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Music player that allows sorting music by date of addition - anyone?

Sep 8, 2015
Ok, so I've switched from Android to Windows Phone (Lumia 640 LTE, Win8.1) and though I love it, the music player drives me absolutely crazy! I need something that would: a) automatically detect that I've downloaded music on my phone (regardless of were it is saved); b) let me sort (and play) the tracks in order from most recently downloaded to the first ones. I've tried extreme music, but it only displays first couple of tracks under "recently added" and I want them all accessible like that.
I don't care if the player is free or not (though free would be nice) and the only other option I need is a loop (both for all tracks and a single one).

Any suggestions? Please tell me something like that exists, cause I'm seriously considering getting back to my old and broken Galaxy S II because of this!


New member
Aug 1, 2011
I'm not aware of anything that plays by date, but there are a few players out there...perhaps someone will add that functionality to their player for you. You can also request this functionality to be added to the upcoming Groove player (new version of the xbox music player on the phone and PC).
Anyway, you touch on an old topic of how personal we get with our music. This has been debated for quite some time and there never seems to be a correct answer to the best way to listen to music or what does the majority do...and should one conform to said majority. For instance my wife makes specific playlists and will only use playlists in the order created and played. Any variance of this and she's rattled. I think you both are crazy as I will only push random shuffle and let the proverbial music gods decide what plays next. (Not judging, just sharing)
Good luck on your quest.