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music videos and movies which shows off lumias!!!

bel b

New member
Feb 8, 2014
Hey people tell me all those music videos and movies which flaunts off lumias!!! I WANT TO KEEP TRACK OF ALL THOSE THINGS!!! :D <3

i know some-
1. Tinchy Stryder- Bright lights(Lumia 800)
2. Kelly Clarkson- People like Us(Lumia 920)
3. Rita Ora- Shine Ya Light(Lumia 900 or 920(not sure))
4. Jennifer Lopez- Live It Up(Lumia 920)
5. Katy Perry- Roar(Lumia 1020)
6. Jennifer Lopez- I Luh Ya Papi(Lumia 2520)
7. Carley Rae Jepsen- This Kiss(Lumia 900)
8. Priyanka Chopra- In My City
9. Enrique Iglesias- Turn The Night Up(Lumia 925)(thanks Himanshu ch.!!!)

1. Wolverine- I think there were two lumias in the movie. (maybe 800 or 900)
2. Man Of Steel-Lumia 925
3. This is The End-(Michael Cera holds the phone before dying) not sure which Lumia.
4. Grudge Match- Lumia 920s(so many!!!)

guys if you are so crazy about your lumias and if u happen to have spotted them in other areas. Please add on. I am proud of my LUMIA!!!! :)
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New member
Sep 14, 2013
Arrow (1st season) there is 920 in few episodes.
Arrow (Season 2 or 1) -1020 in one episode (taking pictures) ))


New member
Aug 30, 2011
Wasn't there a huge Lumia 900 tie in with "The Dark Knight Rises"?

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New member
Nov 2, 2011
Well it's a show but Scandal has always and continues to support Windows Phone in the show. On the new season Olivia Pope(the main character) sports the 925 and they get some pretty nice close up shots of the phone. Even on the first season the Lumia 900/920 was featured multiple times throughout the season.