My big list of ESSENTIAL Windows on Arm apps that you shouldn't live without


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Nov 10, 2015
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“All-new Snapdragon X Elite Arm processors from Qualcomm beat Apple's M3 chip in performance benchmarks and rank dead even with the Apple M3 Pro. The landscape of portable PCs is about to change as Windows on Armbecomes faster than Apple.”

WHY do you keep repeating this? It is an absurd claim.

The (high end) Snapdragon X Elite Arm is a 12 core CPU. The (low end) Apple M3 is 8 cores. This is like bragging that an Intel i7 is faster than an i3.

Well duh.

Yes, it is dead even with the Apple M3 Pro because both are 12 core CPUs.

Again, duh.

Not to mention that Apple offers the M3 Max with a 16 core CPU. Do you really think the 12 core Qualcomm CPU is faster? Dead even?

So, it is NOT “faster than Apple”. It is dead even at best. Behind at worst.

Stop lying. Please. Credibility much? You should be above this kind of Bee Ess.

PLUS, all of these are last year’s chips. By the time Arm PCs with the Snapdragon X Elite are common, the Apple M4 will be available. What will the comparisons be then?

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