My experience with the Lumia 535


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May 17, 2015
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Hello!! Before I share my thoughts on this budget smartphone, I wanna say that the reason I joined this community was because I wasn't sure if I should get this phone because of the touchscreen issues that have been plaguing the phone since it released, however thanks to the help of people here in WPCentral and since I wanted to use it as a backup phone and the price difference of the older 530 and newer 532 was roughly 20$ on amazon I decided to take the touchscreen gamble and buy it. Now on to my experience.
After I first boot up the phone I was quick to check the about section in settings to see if it was the revision number and was safe from the touchscreen issues completely.. Unfortunately it wasn't but I didn't let that bring me down. I decided to use this phone as a daily driver since the day I got it to really put it to the test and after a week I am pleased to say this phone compared to other budget Android phones doesn't really feel "budget". You see as a loyal Android user I am used to look directly at the midrange smartphone because using a lowend phone can really cripple the software, fortunately this doesn't happen in Windows Phone. In my experience the Lumia 535 just runs well and is really good phone that does its job right. It has a midrange camera and the software runs really good, of course it has it hiccups once in a while but you expect that form a budget phone and it really runs better than its Android competitors, if Windows didn't had a limited app library it would completely dominate the low range scene thanks to its software performance. In the hardware section the phone feels solid and comfortable in the hand and both cameras take decent photos, also the option to change the phone's shell is really cool for customization. Last but not least, in my experience I am yet to encounter any major touchscreen issues.. Really my experience with Windows Phone and this phone has been really positive and if you are looking to test new waters into Windows phone, the Lumia 535 is a great choice!!
Hopefully my post wasn't a tedius read and I really want to thank all the guys in the forums for helping me choose.. Have a great day ;)

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