My Lumia 1320's camera is not working, how do I fix this?

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My lumia 1320's camera is not working, how do i fix this?

When I click on the camera button, it loads but goes back to the main screen. If i tried clicking on the camera icon, it does the same thing. I have now resorted to reset the whole phone and still it doesn't work.


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Dec 23, 2013
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Re: My lumia 1320's camera is not working, how do i fix this?

Hi, you haven't mentioned what OS you are running on your phone.
When you say you reset the phone was that a soft reset or hard reset?

Nonetheless I would try the following.

1. A soft reset (hold volume down + power button until phone vibrates/restarts)
2. Failing that a hard reset, from settings > system > about.
3. Lastly you can recover your phone using the 'Windows Device Recovery Tool'. This step will put the phone back to WP8.1.
Remember to do a backup before steps 2 and 3 as the phone will be wiped.

If you still have the camera issue then there is likely a hardware fault, so you will need to get your phone repaired.

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