My (mostly positive) rant about innovation


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Jun 8, 2013
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So I finally got around to watching the entire Surface 2 event and one thing really caught my eye: That mixer blade

Now I'm not a music person in any way, shape, or form, but this just has me really really excited, like it's the next big thing. I'm not talking about the product itself (which I would probably never use even if I had one), but it's the concept behind it that just has me super excited about this.

Let me explain

Do you guys remember back when the iPhone first came out and Steve Jobs was listing the reasons that smartphones at the time kinda sucked? Well one of the reasons that he listed was that all the smartphones at the time had a physical keyboard, which limited them because the keyboard couldn't change, which he then said is one of the reasons they went full touchscreen. Apple popularized this with phone so much that nearly every smartphone in existence (except the Q10 and Q5 by BB), use a full touch screen. With this new "blade" concept, Microsoft has basically done the same thing that Apple started a revolution of new phones with (I don't remember if there was a phone before them that was full screen. Knowing Apple, there probably was and they copied it), but for PC's and tablets.

While the only thing that exists now are two types of keyboards and that mixer blade, I see this as like a huge, new innovative thing. Just imagine it, you could turn your Surface into anything you wanted it to be, whether that's a mixer, drawing board, something for presentations, ANYTHING. Yet, despite this, all I've heard about recently is "OMG the new iPhone is 64-bit" or "OMG touchID" and I say screw all of that, I am really excited about this, like this could be the next evolution of what a PC could be.

idk guys, am I just fanboying here or do you guys see the potential that this thing could have? Let me know in the comments because to me... taking one of the things that made the iPhone popular and putting that in a computer is just mindblowing to me.


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Jun 15, 2013
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I was thinking the Same thing, they really should expand This idea further! It has huge potential and I hope they patented it lol


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Oct 19, 2012
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If you didn't mind no back light, printable surfaces... so you could just buy a full sensor blade and stick/Velcro on a sheet you made and map it out in a blade creator program....
I was also thinking if they imbed an oled screen (or many in nice tight sections) into/under the fabric... have the blade as a giant track pad and when you want the keyboard you swipe down from the top of the blade (as they say responds to gestures) and pull the keyboard onto the blade shown using the OLED panel... It would also mean designing a custom interface would have limitless possibilities... a gaming set up with buttons exactly where you want them... labelled the way you want the size you want... but I will say this gamers would want a mechanical keyboard but who said they can't make one with a lay out much better for games


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May 15, 2013
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*Apple ****** impersonation begins* But-But, iPhone 5S with 64-bit processor TOTALLY is far more innovative than a crappy Lumia 920 with Wireless charging and OIS, That's SO GIMMICKY! A 64-bit processor is far less gimmicky!!1*Apple ****** impersonation ends*

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