My Nokia 1020 W8.10.14226.359 Calendar dissapeared

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i'm using a new laptop for the last 15 months, and now that i've updated it to Windows 10, using my account, something happened in my Nokia 1020....

In my old laptop i use akruto sync to syncronize my Nokia 1020 calendar with Outlook 2007, but i've stopped using that laptop and haven't syncronized for the last 12 months or so...

Now when i've finished updating the new laptop to Windows 10, something happened and the akruto's calendar where i have all my +-12 months dissapeared...
In the settings i've turned it visible and invisible, turned it off and on several times and nothing, i've even created 2 items on the calendar trying to force all events to appear.

When i've finally syncronized with the old laptop, only these 2 items where syncronized to the old laptop....

i think i can't blaim Akruto, which inclusively have been trying to help me out, but how can this happen?? I use this software only to sync calendar. Contacts are in and tasks in OneNote...

In the last month this calendar had problems: in the morning didn't appear, i had to turn the phone off and on....

Can someone help me out?


Chintan Gohel

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May 23, 2014
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I know that devices on windows 10 can sync easily with each other, including calendars if the same email account has been used. However, I'm not sure about your case since you're using windows phone 8.1 while your pc is on windows 10

You're using the same email account on both devices?

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Jun 5, 2015
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Hi, i've posted the question without login in.

yes, im using the same email account on both devices.

In the long time my intention is to buy a W10 phone and integrate everything, for now
i have tasks on OneNote, contacts and emails on my Outlook email account, and my calendar sync'ed locally with my old laptop through akruto.
As i've written, the calendar dissapeared since i've updated my new laptop to Windows 10, i've tried to create new items on the calendar, rebooted the phone and nothing ... :(, and in the last month i've had to reboot the phone in the morning several times to turn the calendar visible.


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