My recent experience at Best Buy with my 920


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Sep 24, 2013
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So I recently went to BestBuy to look at cases for my 920. I know I can get them off Amazon cheaper, I just wanted to see one. I also need an Armband or waist thingy for running. I get to BB and all I see is an iphone section and an android section. So, I look around and see a Windows Kiosk (that's BB's new thing-vendor kiosks). I walk over and hold up my phone and ask him if he has any Nokia accessories. "What's that?" he responds. "It's a Nokia 'Windows Phone'" I reply to his 5000 mile stare. He walks me over to an associate in another area of the store and asks him if they carry any Nokia Lumia cases. The associate is unsure and looks it up on the computer: "We have one 928 case and one 1020 case." "Okay," I say. "Do you have any arm bands or accessories for running?" He walks me accross the store to another associate. "Do we have any type of arm band, generic or whatever, that will fit this odd-ball phone?" (To me: "not odd-ball in a bad way." Back to the associate: Yeah, odd-ball.") Nope. So he pulls out the biggest one he sees. It appears big enough until I try to slip the phone in. "Nope, sorry." Wasn't this a flagship Windows phone less than a year ago?


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Dec 22, 2012
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Its a flagship phone that didn't sell as much as an iPhone or s4. Accessories therefore won't be sold at best buy. WP is that popular at the moment. Very slow progress that should be expected with two giants in the ring already.
The best place to buy cases is at the carrier's store or online.

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