My Surface Pen Retention Solution

Blake Seaman

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May 10, 2014
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A buddy of mine who just got a surface (happy to say I converted him!) has suddenly taken notice of the solution I found in August of last year to retain my surface pen, and make my Surface more durable; he advised me to share for others as he intends to copy it. My use case involves lots of "deploying" and "undeploying" my workstation through the day, as I commute as a pedestrian every day using the train to campus, classes through the day, then work in the evening.

I use the Brenthaven BX2 Edge case with a Skinomi Carbon Fiber Skin underneath for a neat effect, but what he advised I write here about and what I'd love to introduce y'all to if you aren't aware of it is Round Spring Pen holders.

( - the one I use in the photos below.

The BX2's pen solution worked for about a month; it's a little slot you stick the clip portion into. The problem is that the clip on the pen isn't very springy, and wears out quickly to become loose. I ordered the above product on amazon, and it's just the right size to squeeze in tightly to that slot, where I can then put the pen. My surface goes in and out of my bag an average of 7 times in my work day, and I have not once since August 2016 had it come loose. I have replaced the metal retainer once (they come in a four pack).

My Surface is nicely drop proofed and I don't have to bother putting the pen anywhere else because it just stays attached, ready whenever! I'm a math student too, so it gets lots of use. That said, the metal on metal does scratch the finish on the pen a little, but the photos will show how relatively little that has been in the course of almost a year.!Ao1Bqek4hUngk8xg_eHRx-9E8kNz5g

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