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Sep 17, 2013
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Got my white Lumia 930 two weeks ago and had been using it exclusively for that period of time. Here's my take on how I find this device coming from my previous Lumias.

I still own both the Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520, with the latter being used exclusively for work. The Lumia 930 was to complement/replace the 1020 in my daily usage as a personal phone. The primary motivation was due to the 1020 call volume being too low, and the reluctance to get it fixed sue to cost. So, I re-contracted my phone line to get the Lumia 930. Too bad there's no bright green. Would have gotten that one.

I setup the phone the same as my 1020 and has been using it the same way. Basically I did not tend to use it more often since Windows Phone 8.1 is so similar in all devices I've owned, so, no new-phone syndrome of checking/playing with it more often.

The first thing I noticed was the purple tint plaguing the device as with many others are facing in the forum. However, with the GB IE CV ROM flashed and the update of the Cyan firmware a few days back, this issue had been resolved. I can say that the screen does not have the purple tint as before. I'm using the standard color profile and I believe users are able to tweak more to their liking now. Colors are better on the 930 compared to my 1020. The latter, being a little yellowish when I have the two AMOLED device laid down side by side. I would say the 930 has better white.

Second thing that I noticed was the heat. I initially thought that it was due to the first setup of the phone out of the box. However, the heating has been persistent while using the phone for Internet browsing, chatting on IMs, camera, YouTube and so on. It only heats up on the bottom half of the phone. I suspect the processor is down there. On the up side, heat dissipation is great. It only takes a few minutes to cool down as compared to my 1020. I do not use any case on all my devices so, getting a case to remedy the problem never crossed my mind.

Performance-wise, it seems smoother than both my 1020 and 1520. I suspect the screen size has something to do with it being better than the 1520. Brightness level is great, although the 1520 is probably better. Using the 930 makes me reluctant of switching back to the 1020 now due to the smoothness. I still use the 1020 for the camera as it still beats the crap out of the 930 especially in low light. Colors are better too on the 1020. The 930 and 1520 has some washed out feel as compared to the 1020.

Overall, I'd stick to the 930 for the basic phone usage. Ill still be switching to my 1020 for photos. It's a dilemma.

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Aug 8, 2014
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Isn't the battery life terrible ?

I normally get around 30 hours out my Lumia 930 before the low battery warning pop's up.

Longest time between charges I've had so far has been 36 hours.

That's connected to 4G, some wi fi, Cortana checking in, Facebook & Twitter plus 2 email account's syncing, some internet browsing, plenty of texts & around 30 minutes of call's.
NFC is off & gps off apart from when Cortana check's in.

I find the 930 has excellent battery life.

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