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May 30, 2017
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We have been a Windows Phone family for a long time. We all love our Windows Phones. Or we did.

When my daughter broke the second screen in a couple of months on her 735, she went for an upgrade and found that the only available WinPhone didn't meet her requirements, so she switched to Android on a Sony Xperia E5.

My wife bought a 650 a year ago. This has not been a great success, with WP10's features not being entirely satisfactory - the loss of Here maps was a major blow, for example.

I still have my 735 which is in perfect condition running WP8.1. Nothing to fault really, bar the lack of custom apps. The video function on the camera is still one of the best around for gig video. But recently my contract expired, and my phone provider (VirginUK) couldn't or wouldn't switch me to a 4g sim-only contract without changing my number (I have a great number so I wasn't having that!). They would however supply me a new phone, only not a Windows phone. I decided to get an Android and put a PAYG sim in it while keeping my 735 as my main phone. I bought a Xperia XA. I intended to just set it up and use it as a standby.

It was really easy to set up, with Sony's transfer app doing a great job of copying all my data across - they even have a Windows phone version of the app to transfer properly from WP via the cloud.

I'm currently parallel-running the XA with my 735. It does everything the 735 does, even down to syncing with my Windows calendar (via the Outlook app). The Twitter app is better on Android. It seems to pick up messages and alerts quicker than the 735. I never wanted this Android phone, and I didn't expect to like it. I didn't want to like it. But I do, and I can see me swapping the SIM cards and making the full transition to Android soon. And it's been painless.

Back to my wife's 650. A couple of weeks ago it started to have a problem where it couldn't finish installing an update. This week it succeeded, but it was a major update, taking about 8 hours. I'm now guessing it was the Creators update. She's not at all happy with it. It's messed up all her custom ringtones, and she can't find how to pre-listen to ringtones to put them back how they should be. She's looking enviously at my Sony and her sister's Samsung J3. It's only a matter of time for her, I know.

I have loved and defended Windows Phone ever since I first got one. But Microsoft have failed to provide proper support and development to it (the end of Facebook Messenger support has already been the final nail in its coffin for some of my friends), and its days are numbered. And they're not big numbers.


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Aug 9, 2012
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I did it! My XZ Premium will be delivered in 1 hour!
I love my 950XL, but my Camera is now broken. I also miss some apps on Windows (Yamaha MusicCast, Smartthings, Parrot Freeflight, etc.). I am not sure about Android, and have no choice but to move on.

No doubt I will be back with Windows 10 in a few years when mobile devices or pocketable "connected PC" running Windows on ARM will become available, but for the time being, it will be Android (hopefully I will survive!).

Why the XZ Premium? simple, Camera + 807ppi. I will be using it for VR (Drone FPV etc) and the screen resolution should greatly reduce the Screen Door Effect (seeing the pixel grid magnified by the VR).

I look forward to my next Windows 10 device, perhaps in 2018 or 2019... Win10 has so much potential if only the hardware were available!

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