My WP7 VS BB VS IOS VS Android OS .02 Cents


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Nov 8, 2010
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My smartphone list is as follows: Bold 9700 loved it minus small screen, HTC HD2 could not stand it, Nexus one great phone, Iphone 4 boring, Torch 9800 outdated, slow, badly made, captivate ok needs a flash and battery was crap, Samsung focus needed more apps, Dell streak way to big, and then back to focus.

I was impressed with BB's os since it was my first smart phone. I loved getting alerts and staying up to date. The OS is held back by poor web browser, and terrible hardware. Great online community. It seems like if anyone is on its way into phone history its RIM

IOS does everything for you, the OS is dated, I don't care if they call it multi tasking it just is not. The retina display is great but not good enough for tiny folders inside of tiny folders. The guy who designed that should be shot twice. Great hardware but screen is to small. One physical button doesn't fill my needs. Cult like community horrible people, I hate them.

Android is great in theory but confusing and fragmented. OS destroys batteries, bloatware is horrible, Flash player is not ready for cellphones yet and causes the phones to slow down and get clunky. App store has way to much nonsense in it, how many japanese bikini calendars do you need? I think Google needs to set a standard for this OS, the phone companies are killing the whole strength of the OS by over writing it with custom interfaces and slow updates.

I know WP7 is lacking in many ways. Its missing cut and paste, IM clients, and is still buggy. I applaud Microsoft for delivering a very polished OS. It is smooth, looks great, and the tiles make sense, they take getting used to but its what I missed the most. It is exciting to be on this system early one and to watch it grow. I like that Microsoft has made manufacturers stick to a baseline. I would hate for my focus to be handicapped like the captivate by not having a camera flash. Its a refreshing os that is nothing like the other OS's. This is just my personal opinion but I think Microsoft still has no idea what they have on their hands. I like that they are in charge of updates and don't let the carriers screw with the OS. I almost pissed my pants when I clicked on at&t bloatware and it let me delete it. Awesome few tweaks and its perfect for me.


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Dec 12, 2010
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I just recently upgraded from a Samsung Vibrant. It was a great phone, but got old real quick. I received my WP7 as a present from my wife. I fell in love with it the moment I held it in my hands. There aren't as many apps compared to Apple or Android, but give it time. Overall, this is the best phone I've owned so far.


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Dec 16, 2010
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for does of you that complain about Wp7 lackign Importent little things like : copy past , Im clients and things like that ,

look at it this way ..

All the WM phones had them , so its just a QUESTION OF TIME ( or the first official MS update ) beffor we get it all on this WP7!!!!

phone hassent evan been out for 1 month , so OBVIOUSLY!!! it doesnt have alot of apps and its missing a phew things

I mean name me 1 phone OS that was perfect 1 month affter it release???

look at the Iphone , they at the Iphone 4 and it still sucks , it suuuck so hard that they alredy announce the Iphone 5 for June 2011 . HAHAHAHA ****ing apple.


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Nov 1, 2010
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I agree with what Microsoft is doing with the first release of the OS, they really want what they have out in the market to work and work very well at that. So far so good
this is why they did not have the time to complete all the stuff they wanted like cut and paste and multi task, if they released multi task and people did not know how to use it and drain the battery people would complain. I'm sure when they release it it will work very well.. along with turn by turn gaming ...

Rich Edmonds

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Dec 13, 2010
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Good $0.02 you provided :)

I like it how Microsoft come across as taking their time. I believe they have learnt some invaluable lessons since 6.5 and have poured double the effort and perfection into version 7. Taking things slowly, getting little features perfect, and ensuring the community receive what they request through feedback, they know full well they have a dark horse of an OS and they are going to do everything they can to make sure it stays sharp.

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