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Netflix + now working


New member
Apr 20, 2014
I upgraded to anniversary last night on my SP3, when I checked as much as I could, I had no sound, this was cured by plugging in headphones and then taking them out, all sound came back.

I had two apps (Netflix and Accu-weather) that wouldn't open, splash screen for a second then close.

When I got home from work the latest firmware update was needing a restart and since then the apps work OK.

So tonight before I fall asleep I can have a proper look at the new Windows and Skype, got to admit the main thing I was looking forward to was more integration with the phone so I could text from the PC piggy backing on my phone and maybe sometime actually making calls from my PC using the phone rather than using Skype credit etc.

I suppose expecting Skype to be on time was always going to lead to some disappointment, maybe one day soon...................................

PS No sign of the update on my PC and hopefully the phone wont be too far behind.

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