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Feb 3, 2014
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Money Tracker Pro is a brand new personal finance manager - inspired by popular SPB Finance it inherits most of the features and adds more.
Designed for Windows Phone it is feature-rich, easy to use, has pixel-perfect UI and all data is stored on the phone (except compact encrypted SkyDrive backups).
Schedule, enter, analyse and project your expenses months and years ahead, all within this beautiful app.
Even if you already use a similar application you will not regret taking a look at Money Tracker Pro!

From version 2.0 you can mirror your stock portfolio transactions within an "Investment" account and monitor its performance from the app.
Seamless integration with ordinary cash transactions.

Screenshots are clickable:

S1.png Screenshot02.png S13.png Screenshot05.png
Screenshot03.png S3.png S4.png S12.png
S10.png S11.png S8.png S9.png

  • cash and stock transactions
  • full multi-currency support
  • account groups
  • transactions with custom category/project/payee
  • sub-categories
  • split transactions that can include transfers (e.g. mortgage principal repayment and interest)
  • any periodic transaction can be scheduled with a reminder
  • budgets customizable by accounts, categories, currency and ad hoc periods (for example tax year)
  • 7 powerful fully customizable reports with tables and charts
  • each report can be cloned and saved for future use
  • reports and budgets can include scheduled transactions - great for projecting
  • drill down into reports and budgets to view related transactions
  • SkyDrive backup/restore allows multiple profiles
  • QIF import/export, export to CSV
  • live tiles for accounts, reports and quick transaction entry
  • password protection, encrypted data file
  • search in transactions
  • flexible configuration
  • built in calculator
  • pixel perfect UI, supports all resolutions, landscape mode
  • default dark/light themes or picture background
  • no data is stored online except SkyDrive backups
  • excellent performance with tens of thousands of transactions!

What's new in version 2.5:
  • Button to show only unreconciled transactions
  • Account group expanded/collapsed state is remembered
  • Improved transaction state change by swiping left/right
  • Updated translation to French and Turkish
  • Other minor improvements

What's new in version 2.5.1 just released:
  • Option to show only reconciled transactions
  • Zoom for charts in timeline reports
  • View by month, week or day for timeline reports
  • New currencies
  • Automatic check for a new version of the application
  • Other minor improvements

Money Tracker Pro (3.49 USD)
Money Tracker Free

Trial version is fully featured and ad-free but limited to 50 transactions.
Free version has ads and limited to 3 currencies.

Available worldwide, supports English, French, Russian and Turkish.
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Feb 3, 2014
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not sure if it a bug or me
when I go to transaction expense by categories
it gives me income transactions
Report "Expenses By Category" was renamed to "Transactions By Category" few months ago, because that is what it is. Same for "by project" and "by payee".
To see only expenses please uncheck all income categories in report settings.

Reports were not renamed for existing files because each report can be renamed manually and we decided to not override existing names.
If you clear all data you will see the new names, alternatively please rename them manually or just keep as is.
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