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Oct 25, 2011
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Hi Everybody,

I am Daniel from Bear is Gaming. We are an indie studio out of Ottawa, Canada. We just put the finishing touches on our first game, Escape Velocity.

Escape Velocity is an Arcade-style space runner where your goal is to navigate through each planetary system as quickly as possible. You have to use the physics of the planets to slingshot your ship to maximum speed. If you don?t go fast enough the enemy will catch up and you are done for. Find the optimal line through the objectives and you will make it to the Gateway and on to the next system.


- 32 hand crafted campaign levels including 5 boss battles
- Infinite Mode level generator
- Over 100 hand drawn planets and backgrounds
- Live backgrounds and generated weather effects.
- Custom composed music
- Live Tile with total score and blueprint motif

This game is tons of fun and will challenge players to rack up the highest score they can. Even after perfecting every level there is still more to play with Infinite Mode, which will create levels on the fly for you with 3 difficulty levels.

Free Trial on Windows Phone available which includes the first 4 levels.

Youtube trailer can be found here

Screen Shots




More details at Escape Velocity | Bear is Gaming


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Oct 25, 2011
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Now Free to Play the Whole Thing

Hi everyone,

Just dropping back in to let you know that we changed our Free Trial to be the whole game! Now you may be asking why should I pony up $1.49 (a new price too!) to buy it? Well the basic answer is ads. With the addition of a banner ad on the level loading page and one on the level ending page we are confident we struck a good enough balance to give the whole thing away. The only downside is the level loads are now artificially longer (about 20 seconds) in order to give it time to show an ad. So that is the story. Wait a little bit each level and play for free. Get to the action faster by buying the full version.

I hope this is enough incentive to get some of you guys to try it out. Let me know as a reply what you think or give us a review on the Marketplace.

Next week I will be releasing an even newer version that will have Leaderboard support powered by Scoreloop and some minor UI tweaks to make the controls more obvious for new players. We are working on this stuff as fast as possible and are really confident that we have a solid game here if people give it a shot.

- Daniel

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