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New here, switching from Android. Hi everyone!


New member
Nov 17, 2012
Hello. I'm new to these forums, seem to have missed the Introduction section so when I found it I decided to post here.

Well, I'm currently a student (15) living in Ohio, in a suburb of Cleveland. And, if you haven't guessed yet, I'm a tech geek! Why else would a 15 year old kid be on these forums? :p I guess I'm just an average teenager. I hang out with friends and do homework. I also babysit for my parents (3 younger siblings...). Things I like doing for fun: drawing, video games, and I play volleyball for my school. My favorite color is blue. That's all I can think of saying.

I came to these forums as a result of my crazy new attraction to the Nokia Lumia 920. I really want one. Currently, I'm using an unlocked HTC One V that I bought myself while I was on vacation in Lebanon this summer. I was just itching to buy a good smartphone. Before it, I was using some kind of LG phone that was running a Windows OS (or at least I think it was... the Windows Marketplace was there, but no live tiles so it wasn't Windows Phone 7) and it was terrible. I will say, the One V is a pretty good phone. However, after using the HTC One V for a few months, I've grown to like it less and less. It freezes occasionally, the battery is terrible (although, I think I messed it up. After coming home from Lebanon, I couldn't use the charger that came with the phone here in the States, so I had to use my dad's Samsung phone charger. Can't think of anything else that might have messed it up), and the camera is decent at best. Plus, after looking into Windows Phone, it seems like a much better OS for me than Android is. I can't wait to switch.

Only problem is, my parents decided a while ago that T-Mobile would be our cell phone service provider. Back then, I didn't really care, but now that I do I'm kind of upset they signed with T-Mobile. I heard AT&T is offering the 920 for 1 PENNY with a new contract for Cyber Monday. And Wal-Mart is offering it for $70 with a $100 dollar online gift card. These are amazing deals for such an awesome phone and I can't get those deals... I could always buy an 8X or a Lumia 810 but the Lumia 920 has me so blinded. I really don't want to settle for less this time around (I was planning to buy a One X instead of the One V in Lebanon, but it was too expensive and I had no way to make money in Lebanon. I regret buying the One V, but at least my mom will finally have a decent smartphone to use once I get my hands on a 920. She could care less but I know she'll like it better than her current phone).

So I've been saving for an unlocked yellow Lumia 920. I should have enough to order one before Christmas. Probably won't have it in my hands until January, but I'm willing to wait for this phone in the color that I want! I wish Nokia offered the phone in a darker blue instead of cyan, but the yellow still looks amazing. I'm not sure which website I'll order from yet. I can't wait to show it off to my friends and my brother... they all laugh when I say "Nokia," or "Windows Phone," but I'm sure that will change once they see the phone and what it has to offer. It's kind of annoying that almost my whole school has an iPhone and the only phones they'll actually consider are the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy SIII.

That's my story, and that's why I'm here!

Laura Knotek

Mar 31, 2012
Hi and welcome to WPCentral. :smile:

I hope you will be able to enjoy a new Windows Phone 8 soon.


New member
Dec 1, 2009
Good to have the young bucks here. You can't go wrong with any of the WP8 devices out at this point.


New member
Nov 18, 2012
I have the 8X from T-Mobile and its a great phone. paid it off and with the value plan my bill is super low.

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