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Apr 12, 2009
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Hey everyone, I just upgraded from the BJII (i617) to the Epix (i907) and my understanding is that the i907 is pretty much identical to the i780 correct? Anyway, I like this phone a lot.. but there are a couple things I miss from the BJII that I'm hoping I can change on the Epix.

1. 4-way navigation using buttons. The optical mouse is a cool feature (it's a WOW factor for most people) but I'm not a big fan of it. The 4-way navigation by sliding your thumb works alright, but I kinda miss being able to just press in the direction. Anyway, this is probably not possible, but the nav pad can be clicked in the different directions.. but it's just one button under there right? And no matter which direction you click down it's always gonna be action button right?

2. New message contact selection. It drives me crazy that the default input for selecting the contact of a new text is in numbers. I'm so used to just typing the first couple letters of the contact, but this way I have to switch from Fn to letters every time. Can this be changed?

3. Overclocking. I've installed a number of apps on the phone already and it's become quite a bit slower. I had the BJII overclocked and never had any issues with it, but was wondering if the same can be done with the Epix without causing any hardware issues.

Thanks for all your help, and sorry for the long message. I just thought I would ask all my questions in one thread :)
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May 19, 2007
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You had three very specific requests and I can honestly state I had never heard of a workaround for them. So why respond when there is nothing to offer? I did learn something new though since you found a solution to one of the three.

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