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Apr 27, 2011
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I have to say that while I have had problems with the hardware that Microsoft builds, I still love it, and I have been mostly very happy with their customer service.

I started with a second-hand Surface Pro, then later a Surface Pro 2, and a Surface 2 for my wife. On the day that the Pro 3 came out, I bought one. That SP3 was replaced 3 times, and the fourth time I had a problem with it, I talked them into letting me upgrade to a Surface Book with Performance Base, the 1TB model. I actually had that SB a week before the 1TB model was released (remember, it didn't launch with the rest of the SB w/ PB models), becuase they happened to have one in the store the day I went in to get the SP3 replaced.

I used that SB for about 2 months before a problem came up (I don't even remember what the problem was at this point). I went to the store to exchange it, and they wouldn't becuase they didn't have one in-stock, and neither did the other area store (I'm blessed to have two Microsoft Stores in the Atlanta area). I tried to get them to order one, and even called the service number, but was not successful in getting them to ship one to the store so I could do an immediate replacement. They would let me send them mine, and then send me one, but I was in school at the time, and couldn't do without my PC for a week. They would advance exchange me one, but I don't have a credit card, and they wanted to put a $3300 or so hold before they'd ship one
(living debt-free is awesome except for this little hang-up).

I ended up writing to their appeals department (don't remember what that department is actually called), and a guy called me about a week later (the PC was still usable, even with whatever the defect was). I explained the situation, and he said that he would make a one-time exception for me, and would ship a refurb unit to the store, and I could exchange it there. Glad I got that worked out.

Last week, I was installing the 1809 version, and had a problem with the camera drivers. Searching online also involved video, and screen, and in that process, I saw a post about bulging screens. Then it hit me. My SB had not been closing all the way for several months. I have a leather case on it, so I never look at the actual computer's case. When I took the screen off and laid it face down :)shocked:), the screen was indeed not flat. I took the leather case off, and the back wasn't quite flat either. The bottom of the keyboard turned out to be bulging as well - in this case, enough to see it without checking against a flat surface.

I went to the store, fearing a repeat of that episode from last year in February where I had to appeal to get an exchange, but I went in with a good attitude and hoped for the best. The guy looked at my SB, took some pictures, and when I asked him if he needed my receipt, he said no, that with bulging cases, the PC doesn't need to be under warranty any longer (I actually had coverage with Complete until next February). He went to the back of the store without saying anything, and came back out with a box. He looked at me and said, "We don't have a first generation Surface Book to exchange for you, either new or refurbished, so if it's ok, I can give you a Surface Book 2." I looked at him with a straight face and said, "You just hurt me so bad." :wink:

So here I am, with my brand new Surface Book 2, which I started paying for back in 2014, and finished paying for in 2016. No charge.

Thank you, Microsoft.[SUB][SUP]


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Dec 24, 2014
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jeeeezzz... how come I never had this kind of luck? you must speak with a silver tongue or some sort of CS whisperer... but good luck with your SB2, hope this one works without problems for ya.

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