New to site and phone questions about the phone and issues with it.


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Oct 5, 2013
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Hi this is my first time posting here and I hope to get some help with my phone. I have been researching for days with no luck. It could be because I have a slight learning disability and I can not find anything.

1) I have had my phone (Lumia 521) for a few months at the most. A few days ago, I had to go up to T mobile to find out why my phone has been notifying me at 5:30am daily for system upgrades. I go to accept and I get "no updates at this time". Could that have been the Lumia Amber trying to update? The only thing that was done at the store was the notifications getting unchecked. How do I find out if it has updated?

2) Is there a list of apps needed for the phone and what apps come with the update? My child thought it was really fun deleting a lot of my apps.

3) Is there a way to change the text and alarms to ringtones that I have downloaded?

Thank You again for taking the time to help me out! I have actually been searching online for hours trying to find something.


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Mar 11, 2012
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1) T-Mobile just rereleased the GDR2/Amber update OTA so you need wifi to download that, What version are you currently using Settings->About-> What does it say under OS & Firmware.

It could be T-Mobile My Account app notifiying that you need to restart your phone if you have not powered on and off your phone in a couple a weeks if you have that installed.

2) You can install SysApp Pusher to find all the Nokia Applications and Nokia System Updates that you could be missing (some of them require GDR2/Amber to be installed). You can search for T-Mobile in marketplace and get those apps from T-Mobile (my account, scout, T-Mobile tv, etc)

3) You will have to wait for GDR3 release in a couple months before you can assign custom sound & ringtone to text and alarms.

I would suggest looking into Kid Corner's and when you let your kids use your phone you turn it on, to prevent them from doing harm to your phone.

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