New to Windows Phone and have some questions....


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May 16, 2013
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I have been wanting to give Windows Phone and development a try and ended up finding a good deal on a used 928. So far, enjoying it, but I have a few questions/comments, I would like to run by others. I have updated to GDR2 and Amber.

1. I like the quick access to camera via the button. But, it seems that the only camera that works if your lock screen has a PIN is the default camera. Is this correct or am I doing something incorrect?

2. Double tap to wake is convenient. If I have a podcast or music playing, I can easily pause it. That is great. But, if the screen turned off again and I double tap to wake it back up to continue playing, the music controls are not available. Is this the normal behavior?
2a. And is there a "shortcut" or something to easily get music controls while show up while doing other tasks with the phone? (ie pause or skip while looking at a website)

3. Given where I work, with my Android I generally had data off to conserve battery. On my Android phone, there was an option to turn data on when a MMS message came and it would automatically download the picture or group message. Is there an option like this within Windows Phone?

4. When receiving a message, is there a way to NOT show the content of the message on the lock screen and just have it say something like sender:New message?

I will say it is quite easy to get the hang of overall. I can definitely see some room for improvements, but overall satisfied so far.


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Jan 15, 2013
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1. You are not doing anything wrong...this is how it works.

2. IDK...I don't use the feature, myself. I can tell you with this disabled, the music controls are available briefly when I manually wake my screen every time.

3. There's not.

4. Sounds like the Messaging app is selected to show detailed status in your lock screen settings. You can deselect it, but this won't affect the toast notifications which will also show at least some of the content of your messages. HTH.


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Oct 29, 2012
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Pressing the volume button will bring up Music player control. On the lock screen or when you are doing other stuff on the phone.

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