New to WP7: if you could have any device no matter which carrier...?


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Nov 12, 2010
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I'm going to buy a WP7 phone this weekend and I'll be opening a new contract with pretty much whatever carrier I want. If you were in my shoes, which phone/carrier combo would you pick?

I want sleek and thin but powerful (don't we all?)

- held the Focus and it was pretty hot. love the idea of expandable memory (when it works right).
- surround's 16GB is great. speakers, kickstand, etc are cool.
- 2GB plan concerns me except that I'll be on WiFi a lot, so maybe not an issue?

- unlimited data is nice
- HTC HD7 looks great, haven't handled it. 16GB is nice

Verizon not in the game? I know sprint isn't yet.

Thanks very much!!


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Oct 20, 2010
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I was in a similar position... My workplace provides me with dealer lines for all the carriers, so I had the full spectrum of choice also.
I'll say upfront that I ruled out T-Mobile because of their terrible coverage in my area, so I never even looked at the HD7. I don't know how their coverage is in your area, but they are the smallest carrier, so I would look into that before considering a 2 year contract with them.
The choice between the Focus and Surround was tough at first, but I settled on the Surround and I'm extremely happy with it. I'm really not trying to spam this, but this is my comparison of the two Edit: it's a couple posts down the page.

I'll say that if you want the best form factor, you'll wanna go with the Focus for sure. To me, the advantages to the Surround are worth the extra bulk, which really isn't a whole lot, and definitely not as much as you would expect.

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