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Dec 5, 2008
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We have had this phone now for a few days and love the optical mouse but have found there are some issues that are troubling...

Trying to enter a pause so that voicemail will automatically dial passwords seems to be missing. I placed a "p" and then multiple "p" characters as I have on other phones, but there are no tones that are produced. I don't see a menu option for adding it.

Also, I am syncing with an Exchange server and cannot complete the contacts sync. It hangs every time on one particular contact. If I delete that contact, it moves a bit further down the line but errors out and NO contacts are sync'd. The error shows that memory is used up and I need to quit programs to free up memory to complete the task- funny thing is that there are no other processes running! Have tried soft reset, menu hard reset and device hard resets to no avail. Even took to Verizon store to get help and they replaced the device thinking it was faulty and got nothing from it. Could this problem come from the server itself? We have a number of Windows mobile and one iPhone connecting without issue, but this phone is problematic. Could the difference between Windows mobile 6.0 and 6.1 be the issue?

FYI- on the first device we had a lot of issues with having to tap multiple times on the screen to get a response. Once I traded out devices this went away and the new device's screen was MUCH more responsive and accurate.

The last issue has to do with mail sync. I have tweaked the Active Sync prefs to sync as items arrive during both peak and off-peak times and have unchecked the click send to send/receive, but still am not receiving a push from the exchange server. All other mobile devices work as desired but this one- ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Apr 25, 2006
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Wow, you actually found where to enter passwords for voicemail? Please elaborate. Did you try a "," for the pause? I know that works with modem strings.

As for your Exchange problems, I haven't seen any such issues. I've 1,100 contacts and they've all sync'd fine (even after a hard reset). Mail is very quick to my device. It typically receives a new message before my workstation does. What version of Exchange are you on? I'm still back on SBS 2003.


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May 28, 2008
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I take it back. In the voicemail field for the phone (press 1, click on Voicemail contact, takes you to Voicemail set-up screen), commans don't work - they don't save. But you CAN enter "p" - so *86ppXXXX, where XXXX is your PW will actually dial in from speed dial 1 and enter password.



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Jul 17, 2005
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I've used *86pXXXX# since the minute i got the phone a couple weeks ago and it works each and every time.

from today hit the phone button to get to phone app. Menu soft button. Select options. In the voicemail box put the above (I actually didn't have the training # for a while and that seemed to work fine but not as quickly- but maybe you need to add the training # like the voice prompt asks for)- there's other places to enter it but that's how I can confrim to enter so it works.

Sounds like you have a corrupt record on the exchange server. I've had 4 differnt generations that use exchange activesync and had it happen at times. We gave up on exahcnge and use goodlink for push- it doesn't have that problem and comes with some other features but isn't free. Basically do like you are to isolate and get rid of the bad recordS then go around it and make a fresh record(s) for the fubared one. Make a new folder in outlook and MOVE all your contacts to that folder. Move a few back at a time till you get no problems. If you have a problem make a note and dont put that contact back. (sounds like you have more then that one you have identified since it balks even after you delete the first problem) Once you have all the good records back in your contact folder- just create new ones for the fubared ones and delete the others. And you will be all set. (untill exchange does it again....)

push will not kick in until you correct the issue with the bad record in contacts- so fix that. It will try to push but will get hung up on the bad contact each time and wont bother to email. To confrim uncheck the box to sync contacts in activesync setup- I'll bet it pushes your email, todo's, and calendar just fine. The contacts are the root of all your evil with exchange.

No idea why that happens or how to stop it- it's really a pain in the butt when it happens.

WHEN it happens again- do the same as above- MOVE ALL your contact to a new folder and then let the device sync so it's contacts are cleared out.Then put back a little at a time till you find the corupt ones.

seems to happen to contacts and nothing else- at least for us.

Also exchange 2007 does a better job at avoiding it then exchange 2003

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