"no internet" even though wifi connected RE: Daniel tweet


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Feb 13, 2013
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When Daniel tweeted about his network issue on surface devices. It made me want to post here. I guess my problem is not the same because I'm actively using my device when it happens but it sounds like a similar issue.

See my feedback hub report and please upvote if you experience this problem, no matter what kind of hardware you have.

Posting the full text below... and I guess I didn't pay attention to character limit because it did somewhat get cut off.

"Randomly, and many times throughout the day I will lose internet connectivity. In wifi settings, it will show "Connected, no internet". Yet other devices on the same network have no interruption (my phone for example, and data is turned off to make sure I'm on wifi). And when I am in this state, even though it still says connected, I am actually not able to reach devices on the network such as the router admin page, which you could normal do even if you had no internet.

Cmd ipconfig will show that I have an IP, and task manager will still show wifi connected, but there are not packets except an occasional spike of 80kbps.

If I simply toggle wifi off and then back on, everything will begin working again. This has probably been going on for a month or more, and I'm so fed up with it I finally decided to post this problem. It doesn't seem to happen on any specific app, it has happened on a variety off apps from edge, myTube, Netflix, Hulu etc. Or if I wait about a minute or two, it"

to finish the part that got cut off..

If I wait a minute or two, it will resume connection on its own.

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